Project outputs

Besides our regular blogs about research visits and case studies, here are over 20 other outputs from CHIME activities and related research projects team members have been involved in during the course of the project. We are adding further information and links as and when they become available. Most of these outputs are available in open access format, so click on the relevant link to read or download.


George McKay (2018) The heritage of slavery in British jazz festivals, International Journal of Heritage Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13527258.2018.1544165

Tony Whyton (2018) Space is the place: European jazz festivals as cultural heritage sites, International Journal of Heritage Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13527258.2018.1517375

George McKay. ‘Festivals.’ In Francisco Martinelli, ed. The History of European Jazz: The Music, Musicians and Audience in Context. Sheffield: Equinox, 407-417.

Beth Perry. Festivals as Integrative Sites, a CHIME report.


Nicholas Gebhardt, ‘A time for jazz: history and narrative in Alan Lomax’s Mister Jelly Roll.’ In Fagge, R., and Pillai, N., eds. New Jazz Conceptions: History, Theory, Practice. London: Routledge.

Fiona Goh, Strength in Numbers II: A Study of Europe Jazz Network (EJN) [Foreword by Tony Whyton].

Loes Rusch, Exhibition: ‘A History of Dutch Jazz Festivals in Thirty-Some Objects’, CHIME-travelling-exhibition-2017

Emma Webster and George McKay, Music From Out Here, In Here: 25 Years of London Jazz Festival. AHRC/UEA.

Tony Whyton, ‘Moving to Higher Ground: The Changing Discourse of European Jazz 1960-1980’, European Journal of Musicology 17/1 (2017), 13-22.


Bethanie Aggett. ‘Building on the Power of the Past’: A Political Analysis of North Sea Jazz. (Master’s thesis, UvA)

Nicholas Gebhardt, ‘Screening the event: watching Miles Davis’ “My Funny Valentine”,’ in Doctor, J., Elsdon, P., and Heile, B., eds. Watching Jazz: Encountering Jazz on Screen. New York: Oxford University Press.

George McKay. ‘Prof George McKay talks about the impact of jazz festivals’. (Film, 6.07 mins).

Merja Liimatainen. Town By the Riverside. Jazz som kulturarv i Göteborg. University of Gothenburg.

Loes Rusch. ‘De ontdekking van de Hollandse School: Het clubje van 1966,’ Jazz Bulletin 101 (December), 32-37.

Olle Stenbäck. Where’s it at Tonight: Discovering an Urban Jazz Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden. University of Gothenburg.

Walter van de Leur. ‘”Moved to the Point Where She Could no Longer Contain Herself”: Ellington and Audience Interaction at the Newport Jazz Festival.’ Invited Afterword. In Ioannis Tsioulakis and Elina Hytönen-Ng, eds. Musicians and their Audiences: Performance, Speech and Mediation. London: Routledge.

Emma Webster and George McKay. From Glyndebourne to Glastonbury: The Impact of British Music Festivals. AHRC/UEA.

Emma Webster and George McKay. Annotated Bibliography on the Impact of Music Festivals. 170 entries about festival literature, both academic and cultural policy/’grey’ work, including numerous summaries of festival economic impact reports. To accompany above report.

Emma Webster and George McKay. ‘The impact of (jazz) festivals.’ Jazz Research Journal 9(2): 169-193.

Emma Webster and George McKay. Annotated Bibliography on the Impact of Jazz Festivals. 110 entries about festival literature and jazz festivals, both academic and cultural policy/’grey’ work, including numerous summaries of festival economic impact reports. To accompany above journal article.

Tony Whyton. ‘Seeking Resolution: John Coltrane, Myth, and the Audio-Visual’ in Heile, N, Elsdon, P. & Doctor, J (eds.), Watching Jazz: Encounters with Jazz Performance on Screen. New York: Oxford University Press. The chapter examines two televised festival performances of John Coltrane’s Classic Quartet in 1965.

Marline Lisette Wilders and Edoardo Mentegazzi. [RE]FRAME. Ripensare la fabbrica | De fabriek herontdekt: la prospettiva dei fruitori nel processo di trasformazione | het perspectief van gebruikers in het transformatieproces. Amsterdam: East Wind Academic Publishers.


George McKay. ‘CHIME project: improvised music re-sounding a historic city, at Lancaster Jazz Festival 2015.’ (Film, 2.24 mins.)